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Sports Medicine

Custom compounding allows pharmacists to prepare medication designed to target specific body types and activity levels. Our ability to prepare medication in any strength and dosage form makes us unique as a pharmacy.

​We provide the latest in compounded prescriptions for athletes at any level, and we have the experience and knowledge to answer your questions and provide you with the knowledge you need.

​Through custom compounding, Compounding Solutions Pharmacy & Wellness can assist physicians and sports trainers in alleviating inflammation, spasms, cramps, and muscle pain related to sports injuries.

With special compounded medicines, we make it easy to treat:

● Blisters with flexible collodion preparations

● Fever blisters with lip balms

● Athlete's foot with topical antifungals

● Muscle aches with topical gels

● Muscle cramps with speed gels

● Wounds with polyox bandages, tissue regenerating gels

and protective ointments

● Callouses with creams

● Carpal tunnel with transdermal gels

● Dry skin with moisturizing creams and lotions

● Nail fungus with antifungal solutions

● Hemorrhoids with rectal suppositories and ointments

● Sprains and trigger point with transdermal gels

● Protein supplementation with whey protein isolate