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Pet Medications

Many of us consider our pets as a part of the family. At Compounding Solutions Pharmacy & Wellness, we are no different. We know that pet owners are faced with unique problems when trying to medicate their animals. Pets simply do not understand the importance in taking their medicine. Giving a pill or liquid to an animal can be rather difficult, if not impossible! When they need medications, we can minimize the potential trauma for you and your pet by compounding the needed medication into a form your pet will more easily accept.

Our team of compounding specialists has come up with innovative ways for pets to take their medication. The primary ingredient in the success in treating our patient’s woes comes from our ability to look at issues and create a solution that increases compliance and provides a positive outcome. We have the knowledge and the inventory to bring your pet, be it a dog, parrot or iguana, through his or her illness. Like many other pet owners, you'll be excited about the pet-pleasing options available.

The art and science of compounding customized medications to a veterinarian’s specifications allows us to overcome any obstacle and serve patients like no other pharmacy can. We solve all kinds of medication problems, such as changing tablets into a liquid, creating an alternative dosage form to increase compliance, recreating a discontinued product, or flavoring.

Our veterinary compounding is intended to complement, not compete with your veterinarian’s practice. We will of course work with your veterinarian to help in any way we can. When your pet is in need of a medication not commercially available to your veterinarian, we will help with an economical solution to your pet medication needs. We compound dosage forms that are economical for the pet owner and pleasant for your pet to take.

At Compounding Solutions Pharmacy & Wellness, we welcome practitioners and patients to call on our staff at any time, after a prescription has been received, to ask for additional medications, information or counseling. Also, please don't hesitate to call if you have an unusual or rare request. We are here to help you find uncommon solutions to common problems, and we pride ourselves in developing patient specific solutions to medication management problems.

Dosage Options

Flavored Medications

Animals appreciate flavors as much as humans do. Commercially made products are often not palatable to an animal that has specific tastes. We can flavor your pet’s medication in a wide variety of flavors depending on the animal and taste preferences. How about beef, chicken, liver or cheese for dogs? Salmon, tuna and sardine for cats? Tutti frutti and banana for birds? How about apples and caramel for horses? Raspberry for a rodent? And, many more choices. We also can add color to medications to make them more appealing to specific animals.​

The Right Size and Strength

Some animal medicines are available only in one tablet size, making it difficult sometimes for an animal to swallow. We have the ability to compound dosage forms that are the right size and strength for each animal. Do you need a concentrated dosage for a small animal or bird? We can compound the medication into the smaller increment needed or concentrate a medication for larger animals.

In cases where your animal may require more than one medication, we can work with the veterinarian to combine more than one drug into a single dosage. This makes it more convenient for the owner to administer.​

Hard To Find And Unavailable Medications

Occasionally a commercial medication will become unavailable because manufacturers often stop producing medicines for which there is low demand. Sometimes there is still a need for these products. Because of our access to a number of chemical wholesalers, we are able to obtain the necessary raw chemicals to compound the original medication and gain a positive patient outcome.

Dosing Forms

We can compound dosage forms that are just right for your pet – from oral liquids to rectal suppositories, from ear drops to dusting powders from capsules to transdermal gels that you can massage in. Your best friend won’t even know he/she is being medicated!

Examples of custom-made veterinary medications and dosage forms:

● Chewable treats/medicated biscuits

● Transdermal Creams, ointments & lotions

● Anti-motion sickness medicine that can be applied to the ear

● NSAIDS to avoid GI tract irritation

● Anti-inflammation gel for torn ligaments

● Hyperthyroid medication for cats

● Oral suspensions & pastes

● Good tasting marshmallow, liver, beef, chicken or fish flavored suspensions

● Otic solutions & non-aqueous suspensions

● Concentrated solutions for birds, reptiles, and other small animals

● Special dosage forms for horses and larger animals

● Sugar-free formulations for diabetic pets

● Rectal suppositories

● Protective medicated coatings for wounds or stitches (coatings which are difficult to lick off)

● Discontinued, combination, custom formulated products

● And much more!