Hormone Therapy For Men


"Age is a question of mind over matter. If you don't mind, it doesn't matter." - Satchel Paige

Do you feel tired or irritable all the time? Has your libido and/or endurance decreased noticably? Do you sometimes feel depressed?

You may be experiencing symptoms of andropause.

What is andropause?

Testosterone is to men what estrogen is to women. Testosterone is the hormone responsible for normal male sexual behavior and is involved in many metabolic processes such as lipid metabolism, glucose metabolism, and bone and muscle development.. A normal adult man produces approximately 4-7 mg of testosterone per day. Starting around age 30, testosterone levels in men drop an average of 1% per year (a 10% drop every decade). Every male experiences a drop in free testosterone as they get older, and the amount of decline varies from man to man. In men, andropause occurs over a long period of time and the changes are subtle. The gradual decline, most often fully realized between the ages of 50 and 55, can produce a variety of changes and effects on the male body:

  • Erectile dysfunction (problems with erections)
  • Decreased libido (low sex drive)
  • Sleep difficulties
  • Increased body fat (especially abdominal fat)
  • Loss of muscle size and strength
  • Difficulty with concentration and memory loss
  • Mood disturbances, including depression, irritability and feeling tired

Men who feel they might be suffering from the effects of andropause should talk with their doctors about their symptoms. A complete medical examination that includes laboratory tests can help show whether testosterone supplements might help them feel better.

We offer an in office consult on saliva testing in our pharmacy. With a physician prescription, which we can initate for you, most of the lab fees are refunded by insurance (including Medicare).

If treatment is suggested, then we encourage men to try it for a period of a few months while keeping track of the changes they see and feel. If low testosterone is the cause of their symptoms, men will not have to wait long to see the effects of treatment.

We offer testosterone and DHEA supplementation with a physician's prescription in the following dosage forms:

  • Troche (dissolved between the gum and cheek)
  • Topical cream
  • Topical gel
  • Intramuscular injection