Dental Compounding

Dental Compounding

As with many medical treatments, the therapeutic options available to dentists can be limited. Our pharmacists work together with dentists, endodontists, and periodontists to enhance the dental care that your dentist already brings to your appointment. Compounding pharmacies can play an essential role in dentistry because of the wide range of patients that dentists regularly treat. Each patient is unique, and Compounding Solutions Pharmacy & Wellness can bring unique dosage forms to meet the needs of each patient.


• Oral Thrush

• Ulcers

• TMJ Pain Relief

• Burning Mouth Syndrome

• Pain and Infection

• Viral Lesions

• Oral Lichen Planus

• Dry Mouth

• Dry Sockets

• And so much more!


  • Procedural Anxiety Reduction
  • Transdermal Medications to treat nausea
  • Medications free of Sugar, Lactose, Preservatives, and/or Dyes
  • Medication to suppress gag reflex
  • Appealing Flavors
  • Ability to make unavailable or discontinued medications


• Ointments and Pastes

• Oral and Topical Gels

• Lollipops

• Lip Balms

• Oral Sprays

• Mouthwashes and Rinses

• Sublinguals/Troches

• Capsules

Compounded Medications offer multiple advantages:

  • Best Strength: We can customize the perfect dose for your patient to treat the problem. This can eliminate the need to split or crush tablets, or to take multiple tablets/capsules when a combination formula can be compounded.
  • Appropriate Dosage Form: We prepare medications in the best dosage form and the best base to treat the specific dental condition.
  • Care-free Convenience: Often patients are prescribed multiple medications, which can be inconvenient and costly. Compounding allows for multiple medications to be put into one dosage form. This increase in convenience also can lead to an increase in compliance.
  • Flavoring Options: Flavoring allows medications to become more patient-friendly. Children, in particular, are not going to take any medication that tastes bad.
  • Limited Reactions Due to Ingredients: Compounding allows medications to be made without sugar, dyes, preservatives, gluten, alcohol, or lactose to avoid any interactions a patient could potentially have. We can create compounds with the necessary active ingredients while eliminating unnecessary inactive ingredients.
  • Unavailable or Discontinued Medications: Sometimes a patient requires a medication that is unavailable or discontinued in commercial form. We can create a customized medication with the needed medication(s) without the hassle and worry of searching for something that may not exist or be available.

Ask our pharmacists how we can help you and your dentist find the best treatment to keep you smiling big and bright.